The City of Gentle People

Selfless is an understatement for the people of the Philippines. They’ve extended their hands for me when they didn’t need to. Invited me into their home for dinner. We drank beers and talked so much, I probably skipped my bus three times. We laughed more than my stomach could bear. I feel so humbled to be surrounded by good people. I missed my ferry going to Siquijor so I had a last minute overnight here in Dumaguete and a guy I met from a previous city took a taxi with me to make sure I didn’t get robbed or that my driver was taking me to the right place. It’s funny how many people here think I’m Filipino. After I got settled into my hostel I walked around the block and had dinner by myself. The restaurant server (girl my age) loved talking about California/U.S.A. and how it was her dream to visit. Afterwards she invited me to go out with her friends and lent me her motorcycle, just like that. I’m telling you —the people here, constantly leaving me speechless and expect nothing in return. My heart is utterly so full.


So, the girl in the black shirt is the one who I met at dinner, to the left is her boyfriend, and the girl on my shoulder is one of her good friends. This was after the bar. Afterwards, we went out to the city. Her boyfriend taught me how to ride a motorcycle. I tried Balut for the first time and didn't hate it; actually, I have a video of me eating it but you'll never see it. Moments like these.