A Fresh Start

Three flights and 26 hours later, I finally made it to Manila, Philippines. I can't begin to tell you the emotions I've been through coming here. I cried on the plane watching the clouds pass by, I cried watching the movie P.S. I Love You (big mistake), I cried when I landed in Seattle, I cried all day yesterday. I laughed a lot. I smiled too. October was emotional, I'm telling you. It's a new month so I'm telling myself its a fresh start.

I met so many wonderful and random strangers and held conversations; a man named Hiro on the plane who told me about his family from Japan and how proud he is of his two daughters. I'll never forget what this middle aged woman said to me while we were in the SkyClub. I wish she told me her name but I know she has two mini poodles named Toffee and Truffle in Singapore. She said to me, "You only deal with what you put up with." How is it that life creates these obstacles and in the middle of everything, places people and moments in your life where you're just like, "Wow, I was meant to be here. I was meant to hear that phrase. I was meant to meet this person for this reason." And then they leave, and life moves on.

All my flights coming here were quite easy and luckily I was blessed to have had first class from Seattle to Narita, and then Narita to Manila. With eyes swollen, all I wanted to do was sleep. From the directions of my hostel they advised to take a taxi to come here but I found out that the Philippines uses Uber, and luckily through T-Mobile I get internet service throughout the country. For starters, getting a taxi was a rip off --they charged 1200 PHP which is equal to $24. I pulled out my Uber app and they had an UberPool option for only 130PHP. Like, are you joking? The ride from the airport to my hostel only costed me $2.50 and the dude didn't even pick anyone else up. Also, the first song playing in his Toyota was "Dilemma by Nelly" so you know I was just like yaaas queen.

Settling into my hostel I paid the rest of my deposit, got to my room (which was huge, super clean, and had its own bathroom), unloaded my bags and went up to the rooftop bar. I didn't know they celebrated Halloween here but last night was lit. I met so many people, guys and girls, had a few beers and everyone kept buying me drinks while we smoked cigarettes. I wish I remember crawling into my bed this morning but hey, I'm alive. Day one was complete.

It's raining today. There's also a national holiday so a lot of things are closed. I ate a healthy breakfast. Read some of this book I'm reading called, "Did You Ever Have A Family?" And now I'm going to head out into the city with this guy named Jackson from Canada while the weather is decent and do some exploring before the next downpour.

Happy November! To a fresh start.

From this heart to yours, xo


Now Playing: I Miss You by Clean Bandit  

Now Playing: I Miss You by Clean Bandit