Eat Pray Love

My light was beginning to dim in October; I poured myself into so many people and things I forgot about myself. I was exhausted, in every possible way. I knew I had to do something about it, so one day while I was talking to my sister, I decided to delete all of my social media. I was connected to so many people, comparing myself to others who I would never look like, dwelling outside my own window, falling in and out of love. This blog is the only outlet I'm allowing myself for the time being so bear with me and my transparency.

I just came back from Tel Aviv this morning and as tired as I was I knew I had to start getting my life in order because I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow. I had nothing planned. No flights. No hostels. No direction of where I really wanted to go. I had nothing packed. I was torn because my visa to India wasn't ready in time so I had to choose a plan b. After reading Shantaram multiple times throughout the years, I really had my heart set on wandering that beautiful country. Next time though, when the timing is right.

I sat down in a coffee shop in Brooklyn and jotted down all the possible places I could go to. I decided I'm backpacking the Philippines! I don't have a set plan. I just barely booked my hostel fifteen minutes ago and if I'm lucky I'll get on all my flights tomorrow. I have the next 27 days off with no date of return yet --all I know is that I'll probably be home for a few days in California for Thanksgiving. The purpose of me deleting everything was to be more in the moment, to be more present, and really just enjoy my time —not for a post. I will, however, “try” and blog whatever I can, so let this be my little introduction to whatever is about to come. 


So let tell you about these four images really quick because these were all from today.

I'm really not a Dunkin' Donuts type of guy but I was waiting for my haircut and I was desperate for a coffee after my flight in this morning. Did you know they sell cold brews now? Save your $3.50 and put that towards a better coffee.

Second, my outfit today was cute. Look at all those pretty leaves! And those Cole Haan boots are my absolute favorite; they've walked nearly every country I've been to.

Third, while I was in the city picking up some last minute errands I was people watching. If you look closely you'll see what I fell in love with. This man was soaking wet, holding the umbrella for his wife so she could stay dry. They were laughing the whole walk and kissed in the rain while they waited to cross the street. Oh, my heart. There's so much beauty in the little things. Now that's love.

Fourth, I bought a new Moleskin journal today. I figured I'd write everything I'm feeling and every thought in my head as much as I can. I need an outlet and if I can't tell anyone everything, I'll always have myself. This quote was the perfect first thing I could write inside. A sweet reminder of self-love, and worth. "...but you must come first"

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To new beginnings, new adventures, and more love.