24 hours in Barcelona

It's crazy how fast a layover goes by. I think mainly because even though on paper, a 24 hour layover sounds pretty long...right? Well, the clock starts ticking once you land. Take away one hour from deplaning the aircraft and making our way to get picked up. Then another an hour just in case there's traffic getting to our hotel. Damn, I'm tired from that flight *takes two hour nap. Now off to see the city! 20 hours.

I've been to Barcelona before. I had vacation earlier this year and spent my week roaming around all over so I've pretty much seen all the famous things I've needed to, so I'm sorry that isn't included in this post. From where our layover hotel is at (via Glóries) I headed back to my favorite part of town, Plaça de Catalunya. A round trip on the train cost me 5€! From there I walked around the city center and then walked down the entire strip of Las Ramblas. I love this street! Although it is crowded with locals and tourists, you feel the energy of the people, the food stands, and vendors. About halfway through this street, you'll come across the most amazing market; here you'll find everything you could want, from seafood, fresh fruit and juices, breads, cheeses, sliced jamón, and candies. I hope you brought a big appetite! After your full stomach finish walking the end of the street towards the pier. You'll see more venders and jewelry stores here. You can walk the marina towards the aquarium or walk until you hit the beaches (it'll take you around 20 minutes from the start) After walking around for so long I worked up an appetite, believe it or not, and I ate at La Fonda (see review here) I can guarantee you won't leave disappointed. By the time I got back to my hotel after wandering around all day I got invited to go out to a famous fiesta in the city center but I was way too tired to go out. Speaking of going out though, if you plan to hit up the clubs or bars plan to leave around 2am. Bars and clubs here are best at 3am, that's when they're the most busy and even then most people are barely getting to the bar. If you're stumbling back, they don't have Uber or Lyft here so you can call a cab, ride the bus, or take the train. 

Have the best time!



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