Lately every time I’ve been home I’ve made it a routine to come to Portola Coffee Roasters in Huntington Beach, CA. I grew up on this beach; actually mostly all of the beaches nearby Orange County or Los Angeles. There’s always little memories running through my mind when I’m here.  

I love Portola because they have this Rose Cardamum latte that is probably my second favorite thing ever. Also, the pastries that they serve are from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. Now, I'll tell you that I have a weak spot for a good almond croissant but the cashier told me to try the churro croissant and oh my, it was so good! I could skip out on the sugary surface of it though. When I'm done reading or journaling and I've finished my last sip of my coffee I'll walk across the street and just sit in the sand at the beach and people watch. Solitude is one of my favorite things and I adore mornings to myself like today.

I wish you were here.


Reading: Did You Ever Have A Family by Bill Clegg

Listening to: Dagny - Love You Like That



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