Table for 1

It feels like forever since I’ve had a day off. October has really been one of the hardest months of the year for me —physically and emotionally. After my morning run I went into the city to pick up a few items, but first, brunch.

There was a long line outside of the restaurant; numerous hungry stomachs, a cold breeze. Out of the crowd the hostess spotted me and asked me, “How many?” and my response, “It’s just me” she pointed to the front of the restaurant and gave me the first, and only table available at the moment. There was no waiting. Just the look on her face like, “I know, and it’s okay.”   

A hot almond milk latte and a healthy bowl of warmth, there wasn’t much more I could want at the moment. I overheard conversations. Kept to myself. I journaled down my thoughts, my feelings, and I planned for my next trip. Even though the hostess wasn’t my server, she still kept coming to my table just to make sure we were still in the same space. Something little like that can mean something big to someone who might need it. I know I needed it that morning. 

 It’s okay to sit by yourself at a table set for two.