Not Just Tapas

Earlier this year when I was vacationing in Barcelona a few girls from my hostel introduced me to this restaurant called La Fonda (yaaas hunty look at all those reviews). Anyway, on my most recent trip back I remembered this restaurant and how good it was the last time I was there. I was by myself exploring the city and wanted to treat myself to a good meal, because why not? This restaurant is tucked around the corner of a grocery store, hence the Spanish name "The Corner." They have a full menu but what I really love and think is a great deal is the pre-fixe menu! For 20 euros you get a free choice of beverage (I chose sangria), bread, an appetizer, entree, and dessert. Like, hello how could you pass that up? Especially after a long day of walking. The decor inside is so beautiful! Floor to ceiling windows of the building, an upper deck area, wood paneling, beautiful lights, and a generous amount of seating. I would say its a somewhat casual place where wearing jeans and a shirt is fine, but around dinner time its more dressy and definitely romantic. You don't need a reservation.

My meal

  • Sangria: It's like a goblet, honestly. Perfectly sweet, not a very strong alcohol flavor. I definitely got buzzed drinking it waiting for my food though.
  • Bread: Your typical wheat loaf of bread. I saved it to dip into my meals. Soak up that juice sweety.
  • Appetizer: I ordered the Enselada de queso de cabra a la vinagreta de miel (damn son, they couldn't have just said salad? This translates to salad with goat cheese and honey vinegar sauce). It's a big salad with the most amazing baked slice of goat cheese; I definitely dunked my bread into that. The salad is filled with walnuts, onions, cucumber, and tomato. Next time I'd opt out of the onions, I thought there were too many. Wanna say no onion in Spanish? "Sin cebolla"
  • Entree: "Fiedeuå con gambas, almejas y all i oili" (think small pasta with prawns and clams) I thought this meal was pretty good. I wish I could've ordered the paella like last time but you need two people to order that. The top of this meal is crispy and underneath are perfectly cooked noodle bits with a decent amount of seafood. It had one small baby octopus, one large shrimp, and probably six pieces of calamari in it. It wasn't salty at all but definitely savory. I could've split this meal with another person! I'm telling you, their portions are huge!
  • Dessert: I'm a sucker for a creme brûlée. This had a sugary hard top that you break into with your spoon. It's not as firm inside as a brûlée, I would say its more of a really creamy/watery custard. Yeah, that's it. Sugary but not overpoweringly sweet.
  • My meal came out to less than 20 euros. Don't leave a tip unless you're feeling extra generous. The tax and tip is already included into the price.



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