Dear August,

here’s one photo for each day this month


08.01.18 You’re wearing my shorts. I cooked us ribs for dinner. We drank wine. You fell asleep on the couch. All is well with the world. Long Beach, CA


08.02.18 After my dentist appointment —a moment of solitude. The wind whispered we were in a soft spot. Chino Hills, CA


08.03.18 I still wait for you. Washington, DC


08.04.18 Almost midnight and I got a view. San Jose, CA


08.05.18 Warm days. I’m happier when I get to fly back to the West Coast. Found this little spot while I was walking around the city. A dirty chai latte with oat milk and an overpriced slice of banana bread; I would do it again though.  San Jose, CA 


08.06.18 Moments after you said, “I’m driving my man’s car” and I still smile when I’m the passenger of my own vehicle. You made me replay the song: Young Blood by Noah Kahan. Long Beach, CA  


08.07.18 I miss the gloom. San Francisco, CA


08.08.18 Even though I’m not vegan anymore I still incorporate as many dairy free products into my life as I can. Califia Farms will always be my favorite non-dairy milk so I was happy to see this at a nearby gas station. Normally I’m set with a plain black coffee but this was a nice change; 9/10. Great Falls, Montana


08.09.18 Any white flower will do, but these roses, are for you. Long Beach, CA


08.10.18 My older brothers dog Loki is my mood for the day. Corona, CA


08.11.18 Don’t forget to look up. Los Angeles, CA

08.12.18 delayed flights, sitting on the floor waiting to jet set. Los Angeles, CA

08.12.18 delayed flights, sitting on the floor waiting to jet set. Los Angeles, CA


08.13.18 Pizza in bed is guiltiest layover pleasure. Cleveland, OH


08.16.18 I know, I missed two days because my camera battery died and I left the charger at home. Anyway, today I got a new lens for my baby —the 23mm F2 lens. The clarity is unreal. Corona, CA


08.17.18 sleeping with roses. Corona, CA


08.18.18 Good morning Paris. Paris, France


08.19.18 Are you down for trying escargot? Tastes like buttery-pesto-mushrooms. Would order again and again. Paris, France 


08.20.18 I had to leave my car in LAX but babe picked me up in Long Beach, CA. 


08.21.18 Just a quick nap with a view. Detroit, MI


08.22.18 It feels a little surreal being back in this city. I can’t believe it’s been six months since I moved out of New York. Surprisingly I really miss it here, the weird smells, the hustle, the people. I’m glad I was able to live here even if it was just for a year. Goodnight New York, New York


08.23.18 Oat milk latte with a splash of love. Redondo Beach, CA


08.24.18 I love watching you drive my car, hand on my lap, and singing your favorite songs. Long Beach, CA 


08.25.18 Corner of my bedroom, favorite mug from Tiffany’s, linen sheets forever. Corona, CA


08.26.18 I’m a lightweight but don’t tell anyone. Amsterdam, Netherlands


08.27.18 lights. Amsterdam, Netherlands. 


08.28.18 Home from Amsterdam and already back out again tomorrow morning. Honestly so ready for a mini vacation. Corona, CA


08.29.18 Going to bed but first, my nightly routine. Boston, MA


08.31.18 My older brother is getting married tomorrow. Carlsbad, CA