Ignite My Soul


When someone loves you so much that it scares you, it’s because you know that, it is the type of love that is so true and so pure, it frightens you to your bones, even your own ghost, your own demon; and you will do everything to push it away, to ignore it, to block it because of the fear of how greater of an impact, of loss, of ache it would be if you caved in; that if you mess it up, if you are not ready, that if you rush, it would disappear and you will lose that once in a lifetime kind of love and you won’t be able to see love the same way again.

There’s plenty of love, plenty of being in love, but true love, love that shakes you, love that makes you tongue tied, love that makes you homesick, that makes you tremble in your ribs, love that makes you dream big, love that encourages you to grow, love that makes you desire the undesirable, love that takes away your sorrow, love that ignites passion, love that makes you grateful for its stubbornness, its flaws and its shares of pain, love that teaches you to be patient, persistent, consistent and balanced, love that shows you strength, courage and endurance, love that wakes up with you no matter the distance, love that sleeps with you regardless of the absence of your beloved and love that makes you feel alive even in your death bed, that, is only once—



Kevin PerezComment