The Spark of Life

Trust me when I say that I’ve tried my best to convey a different reality. I’ll lay in bed remembering songs that used to echo in my ears and the beat of those drums were my heartbeat lingering in the past. I was trying to come up with a figment of a dream but it would swirl around my mind like a word that I’ll forever have on the tip of my tongue. I lived to take the road unseen and aim higher than that big blue sky. Every day I looked for that spark that could light up my life and that passion of the flame would lead me to where I needed to go. I dared to step out that door with my imperfections and all, not ready to face my own fears even in my most confident of steps. My chin was up, breathing fresh air with contentment, knowing that this will not be the last time I would be afraid of taking a chance to live. 



Kevin PerezComment