In the Midst of Madness

He stumbled on his thoughts and tripped over the feelings left from yesterday, trying to convey what it was that he felt like he was leaving far behind –but it’s only in the mind. He is a restless sleeper; He tosses and turns and often wakes up to sheets tied in knots, pillow slips removed from pillows, and blankets in a pile on the floor or at the foot of his bed. Each morning he woke up to the battlefield he once tried defeating. He curled his body so tightly as he shut his eyes, forcing himself to take him back to what he once knew. He came to the realization that this reality isn’t something he wanted to live up to. He didn’t know if he should give up or keep going. The strings of his life were unraveling at such a fast pace he’d only have a short amount of time to choose his path. He carried his emotions into dreams, hoping to find tranquility in the rush of the world. He gave it one more shot.



Kevin PerezComment