Sea Breeze & You

You let a stranger into your car; someone you talk to every day but have yet to meet. You drive along the city streets talking about everything, getting to know each other a little more. You find a parking space next to the beach and grab warm blankets. You start walking and find abandoned fire pits, perfectly lit up just for you two. You nestle into each other creating extra warmth so the spaces between you do not allow the cold to draw near. You find that moment when your eyes meet and you just know that your first kiss is coming –and sooner than you know, electricity fills between each others lips and you just don’t want to stop but you do just so you can catch a breath. You filled the spaces between my fingers and placed your hand in mine and walked the sandy shores looking beyond the moon. You twirled me into the night and watched me dance like it was raining. We walked until our feet were numb and felt the water between our toes. We made it back to warmth and laid down to watch the stars. We kept talking and seamless conversations became the norm. The beach began to close and before we knew it, it was time to go –and that’s when we both sighed because moments like these are those that people wish they could relive. A fresh start.


Kevin PerezComment