What I've Lost

I just bought this Gucci card case a few weeks ago. It was a necessary impulse purchase because my larger wallet didn't fit into my new bag, so obviously I had to get something cute to match.  

I've done a lot of traveling in my lifetime so far and I've been lucky enough to be really mindful about my surroundings and am cautious about my valuables if I'm carrying anything. This afternoon I was leaving my apartment in Brooklyn and heading into the city to catch a bus that was departing to Boston. I had that cute little card case in a clutch in my backpack and I thought to myself, "well, I'll just take it out since I'm going to have to do a few subway transfers" and kept it in my back pocket. So I made it to the bus station and with New York being so hot and humid today I was so parched and was ready to buy a water bottle from a vending machine before this four hour commute. I reached into my back pocket and my wallet was gone. I felt the rest of my pockets and was frantic for a moment, searching every crevice of my backpack in hopes I may have misplaced it. And then I realized that moment someone bumped into me in the subway --I was swiftly violated. 

Am I mad? No. I rarely ever get mad about anything. Am I disappointed? Yes. Honestly being disappointed is one of the worst emotions to feel. To have your trust in society and to be so vulnerable in a city of 8.3 million people, but maybe that's just me being naive. There are bad people in this world. There are good people. There are people who have done bad things and those who deserve second chances. People can change. The world can get better. As human beings, we are all a family. We should all be watching over each other as best as we can, doing whatever is possible with what you have. We're a team.

Material things are nice. I appreciate luxury items because I've worked hard for them but at the end of the day though, what brings me joy is the fact that I woke up in the morning. I'm alive. I'm healthy. Things are replaceable. Like my mom always says, "You don't bring anything with you to Heaven."

So, to whoever stole my wallet: Enjoy it as much as I did, it's a beautiful piece. 

In the meantime, I ended up getting on the bus to Boston regardless of the situation that happened. The entire bus is full but lucky me for having an entire row to myself. I've missed adventures like this. The green valleys, people watching, and the most amazing sunset guiding the road ahead. Life is so beautiful. Don't get so caught up in the little things.



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 UPDATE: Someone ended up mailing my lost wallet back to me, so I have it back in my possession. People are still good.