2018 Plan

As I'm sitting here in a cafe in Brooklyn, I'm reflecting on this year and everything that its entailed. So much has happened this year. I've met incredible human beings, made new friends, and broke ties with toxic ones. I fell in and out of love. I opened up my heart and became vulnerable to every possible scenario. I traveled to ten countries. I moved from Minneapolis to New York; making a dream of mine come true --but after being here for nearly a year, I've learned that being here isn't where I'm meant to be, it's not what I want anymore. I get tired commuting back and forth from the airport, carrying all of my bags up subway stairs hoping the trains are running on time, worrying if I'm going to get called into EWR on days I'm on call. I pay an excessive amount of money for a room I'm not comfortable in. The real tea is that I'm moving back home to California this coming January. I'm starting pilot school at a nearby airport so moving in with my parents while I pay for as much flying as I can seemed the most realistic and reasonable option. I'm excited to be back, drive around all my favorite places, settle back into the things I love, and be with people I feel like I left behind. 

Now, I'm not really into New Years Resolutions but I am into goal setting. Looking through my previous blog post about my goals through this year I'm happy to say that I've completed every single one of them. While I am certain about most things in life, I have no expectations for next year. 

  • Buy a new car
  • Start pilot school
  • Begin graduate studies; either M.A. in Spanish or take Spanish classes at a university
  • #OptOutside; go camping, more hikes, get lost somewhere
  • More Central and South America trips
  • Pay off one of my student loans
  • Learn to love again
  • Reclaim my strength

*things highlighted in bold are completed


Reading: Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman

Listening to: Black Coast - Feel Something



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