Desires of My Heart

The clock keeps ticking and these emotions have stopped my world. Time progresses and you’re holding me back to what I’ve once known. The moments where I’d catch your eyes lock into mine and the key to set us free is nowhere to be found. The moments when you’d caress my arms and it would send chills down my spine, like the clawing of a chalkboard. Your ___ letter name is a word that is constantly repeated in my head and nearly every waking moment is a thought about you. When I’m restless at night, it’s because the empty spot next to me is where you’re supposed to be; take away my blankets that give me shelter, toss and turn all you’d like, but to have you inches away from me is all I’m asking for. You are my shooting star. The desires of my heart are so willing to ask. I wish for you to see yourself through my eyes. I wish for you to know that you light up my life in ways sparks couldn’t. I wish for you to know that if hearts could spill out love, I’d be empty on day one. I’ve been so afraid of losing you; it’s like you could just drip through in between my fingers because I am so incapable of holding anything valuable. All I ask is for you to make the choice to stay. Maybe you’re something better, and maybe you’ll be here forever.

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Kevin PerezComment