You’ll Find Me Here

You placed me in the center of your universe and forgot that suns are impermanent. I cannot shine forever and there are spots on my soul that deface it with darkened hues. I can exist for you brilliantly for a short while. I will warm your heart and soothe away the shadows of night with tender fingers and kissable lips. I will seize your tears and store them in the rain clouds, and I will grasp those clouds together before they fall. I will love you forever with every ounce of my being, and I will singe you into my soul.

Someday though, I will eventually rest beneath the skyline and though the moon will shine, it will be but a mirror of my light. Time will claim me from your skies and you will be left with the night sky gleaming down on what I once was. And although I am not the light glistening on your face, I will always be what I once was; a spark to brighten a life.

I will expire, one day, because even the sun is an exploding star.



Kevin PerezComment