Inexhaustible Sky

I wrote this three years ago; before my job, before the airplanes, before everything else, before you. The strangest thing is, I tagged it for you. It was you all along.

Every minute that was passing by quickly rose my anticipation. My heart was racing faster than ever and it felt like my palms could be dripping sweat. I rushed through the highways, weaving through what seemed like endless traffic. In a panic I finally reached the airport, unloaded my bags and made it to the terminal. I shuffled through my belongings and made sure that everything was in order; making sure I was well-composed to say the least. There’s nothing like a bit of poise to boost your confidence and a smooth strut to hold your head up higher than you ever have. It was time to board the plane and my seat, much like first class, cushioned my body and a warm scarf nestled my head back into my seat. It occurred to me, that these once-in-a-lifetime spontaneous adventures are what make life worth while and keep the excitement for new roads open. Here I am, in this inexhaustible sky and there you are, probably sitting in your car, waiting for my arrival. And throughout all this time, I couldn’t imagine myself being anywhere else than in your arms.



Kevin PerezFor youComment